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dave and neilneil works as a teacher of furniture making, still plays regularly in the wirral area where he lives with his wife, and is an artist. the artwork used on this site is neil's.

dave makes cakes and biscuits and has made his own music cd. he lives in birkenhead with his wife and daughters.

matt works as a dental technician, is a partner in an internet company, and has his own photography business. he runs three websites for fans of kate bush, kate bush info, kate bush forum, and uk kate bush fan gatherings, he still lives in birkenhead.

mattpaul skillen is better known for his work with this final frame in the same era as chain of command. he has his own studio and is still active in music.

jim short was last heard of working as a manager for a brewery, probably somewhere in Scotland.
we also thank colin fuller, who did the live images, but with whom we have lost touch.
james weston, of chinese religion, our photographer and friend, was killed in a road accident in london not long after working with us.
dave neil matt
thanks to (in no particular order) marc at anna logue records for releasing our first ever vinyl single – 24 years on. paul skillen, jim short, debbie currie, debbie’s friend who’s name we have forgotten (sorry!), the games, building 42, john peel, janice long, phil ross, roger hill, andy davis, our parents for putting up with us and our equipment, barry shoane, dave c, ivor at eyeball, david william alexander hutchman, pete coleman, gil norton, nigel blackwell, colin fuller, james weston, andy jones, all the crowd that used to turn up to our gigs - you know who you are, and so do we! sorry if we missed anyone out - it was all so long ago, but as we remember you after going to print, we will kick ourselves.

chain of command
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